The Continuum by Wendy Nikel

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The Continuum




Wendy Nikel



(World Weaver Press, forthcoming pb and ebook January 23, 2018)



Reviewed by Stephanie Wexler

Rules were meant to be broken, right? Elise Morley in Wendy Nikel’s novella “The Continuum” works for a company called Place in Time Travel Agency or PITTA. After a spotless seven year stretch of impeccable work, Elise is sent back in time to Retrieve a wayward pop star. Her Jump to the Elizabethan era is smooth, but gathering up her client proves tricky. Yet, Elise manages to bring the pop star home despite a little hiccup of a lost time jump device. No harm done, right, since nobody can activate it? It isn’t long before Elise realizes her troubles have just started. Nikel’s sends Elise on a dizzying journey through the past, present and future. Time running out, Elise begins unwrapping the intentions of the master mind behind the travel devices with far reaching effects. Fans of Jules Verne, Dr. Who and Quantum Leap (minus the body jumping) should settle in for a time traveling puzzle that keeps our heroine on her toes.