Tangent Online currently reviews the following e-market bi-monthly publications.

  • Apex
    In January 2021 Apex Magazine switched its online publication schedule from monthly to bi-monthly.Website: http://apexbookcompany.com/apex-online/
  • Compelling Science Fiction

    Compelling Science Fiction debuted in the Spring of 2016 as a bi-monthly ezine, with an emphasis on hard SF (though not strictly limited to it). It publishes fiction from 1-10,000 words and pays 6 cents per word.

    Update: With the Winter 2017 (Dec.) issue the magazine went to a bi-annual schedule, with issues appearing in June and December. Reviews can now be found by clicking on our Bi-Annual section on the front page.

    Publisher/Editor:  Joe Stech

    Website: http://compellingsciencefiction.com/about.html

  • DreamForge Anvil
    DreamForge became DreamForge Anvil as a bi-monhly ezine only with its February 2021 issue.
  • Eyedolon

    Eyedolon, edited by Scott Gable/Broken Eye Books. Bi-monthly ezine. 1st issue

    September/October 2017.

    2 orig. stories, 2 serial installments/issue. Pays 8c/wd.




  • Fantastic Stories of the Imagination

    Formerly an online monthly, with its May/June 2015 issue Fantastic Stories went bi-monthly.

    The website is here.

  • Galaxy's Edge
  • Heliotrope

    Editor: Jay Tomio
  • Jim Baen's Universe

    Premiering June 2006, Jim Baen's Universe is a professional sciencefiction magazine published online bi-monthly.

    "We believe in stories.

    "We believe in stories, short and long.

    "We promise to publish stories that keep you turning the (electronic) page, stories with characters and feeling similar to those of popular novels. Many of the stories, in fact, are set in universes already popular in novel form."

    Website: www.baensuniverse.com
    Subscriptions: baensuniverse.ashopcart.com/catalogue.php

    The magazine ceased publication in late Spring 2010.

    Editor: Eric Flint

  • Lenox Avenue
  • Lone Star Stories
  • Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show

    Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show (OSCIGMS) is a bi-monthly pro-paying ezine.



  • Sci Phi Journal
    Editor's Update (September 24, 2021): Sci Phi Journal is now a quarterly ezine and can be found at http://www.sciphijournal.org/Sci Phi Journal is dedicated to the intersection of speculative fiction and philosophy, featuring original stories and essays as well as an annual themed anthology. Founded as a professionally paying bi-monthly e-zine in 2014, it moved to a monthly schedule in 2016, and is published on a quarterly basis since 2019.Publisher/Editor: Ádám Gerencsér & Mariano Martín Rodríguez, Brussels (Belgium)
  • Shadowed Realms
    Shadowed Realms is Australia's only professional magazine dedicated to flash fiction. We specialize in dark speculative fiction, especially supernatural or psychological tales. New issues are published online every two months.

    Each issue contains five to eight flash stories. While accepting submissions from international authors, Shadowed Realms is dedicated to unearthing new Australian and Oceanic talent, as well as showcasing the established stars of the speculative fiction genre.

    Editor/Publisher: Angela Challis
    Supporting Editor: Shane Jiraiya Cummings
  • Shadows of Saturn
  • Shimmer

    As of its May-June 2014 issue (#19), Shimmer is now a bi-monthly ezine paying 5c/wd. It posts 4 stories per issue, one every two weeks, or readers can subscribe to each complete issue individually in a number of electronic formats.

    Senior Editor: E. Catherine Tobler

    Website: http://www.shimmerzine.com/

  • SQ Mag

    UPDATE 3/26/17:  As of 2017 SQ Mag is now a quarterly e-zine and its reviews can be found by clicking on the E-Market/Quarterly section link on our front page. Its cover dates will be February, May, August, and November.

    SQ Mag is a bi-monthly e-zine published from Melbourne, Australia. It features one story by a well known, established author in each issue, along with approx. five stories from newcomers. Their primary mandate is the promotion of new talent. To learn more of this magazine, please visit their website.

    Publisher:  Gerry Huntman

    Editor-in-Chief:  Sophie Yorkston

    Website: SQ Mag

    January 2015 cover

  • The Dark

    The Dark Magazine is a new bi-monthly professional dark fantasy/horror ezine, its first issue being October/November 2013.

    Editor: Jack Fisher

    Website: http://thedarkmagazine.com/

  • Uncanny Magazine

    Uncanny Magazine is a bi-monthly e-zine with its first issue dated November/December 2014. It pays 8c/wd. Each issue publishes 6 original short stories from 750-7,500 words, along with 1 reprint and several articles, non-fiction pieces, and interviews.

    Publishers and Editors-in-Chief, Lynne M. Thomas and Michael Damian Thomas.

    Website: http://uncannymagazine.com/


  • Universe Annex

    Following Jim Baen's Universe ceasing publication early in 2010, editor Eric Flint has decided to continue publishing fiction that would have appeared at Baen's Universe (at a pro-paying rate) as a supplement to his Grantville Gazette, under the title Universe Annex. It posts one new story every other month.

    It can be accessed by going to Grantville Gazette and clicking on the Universe Annex link.

  • Waylines

    Waylines is a bi-monthly pro-paying ezine. It's first issue was dated January 2013.

    Website: http://waylinesmagazine.com/index.html