From March 1923 to September 1954, the “Unique Magazine” provided an opportunity for a new generation of writers to develop their craft in creating “highly imaginative stories” that stretched the boundaries of weird fiction, sparking the literary careers of such major talents as Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, August Derleth, Edmond Hamilton, Robert E. Howard, Carl Jacobi, Henry Kuttner, Frank Belknap Long Jr., H.P. Lovecraft, C.L. Moore, Clark Ashton Smith, Seabury Quinn, Donald and Howard Wandrei and Manly Wade Wellman, among others.

Now more than 80 years after the first issue hit newsstands, Weird Tales continues to flourish, having undergone six reincarnations and metamorphosizing from a 6 by 9 inch pulp magazine to a digest magazine, a paperback book, back to a pulp-sized publication to return now as a full-sized magazine.
In the Fall of 2012 the magazine was sold. The Summer 2013 issue marks its first issue of 2013, with the Fall 2012 issue marking the first issue under the magazine’s new ownership.
Publisher:  John Harlacher
Editor:  Marvin Kaye
Website is here.