Tangent currently reviews the following e-market monthly publications.

  • Apex Magazine

    In 2008 Apex Magazine switched from a quarterly print magazine to a monthly online publication.

    Website: http://apexbookcompany.com/apex-online/

  • Aurealis SF

    Aurealis is a professional Australian SF magazine with a monthly schedule (except for December and January).

    Editor, Dirk Strasser.

    Website:  http://www.aurealis.com.au/index.php

  • Clarkesworld
    Clarkesworld Magazine is an online venue and chapbook series for short works of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Each month, Clarkesworld will publish two pieces of fiction, one from a prominent author with one or more books available for sale on the Clarkesworld Books website, and one chosen from the rolling open call for submissions. It is a pro-paying market.

    Website: www.clarkesworldmagazine.com

  • Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores
    Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores began publishing in early 2016. Editor-in-Chief Fran
    Eisemann pays pro-rates as defined by SFWA. Currently, it posts one story per week and a
    subscription is required. Tangent Online posts reviews of this magazine in the
    E-Market/Monthly section on our front page.
  • Crossed Genres

    Crossed Genres is a monthly online magazine publishing approx. 3-4 stories per month. Length guideline is firm at 1-6,000 words and payment is 6c/wd. Each issue is themed, so those submitting must check the website for each month's theme. The magazine has ceased publication.

    The website can be found here.

  • Deep Magic
    DEEP MAGIC is a forum for published and unpublished authors and illustrators to showcase their work, share their visions, and explore the horizons of the imagination.

    Chief Editor: Jeremy Whitted
    Contributing Editor: Brendon Taylor 
    Managing Editor: Jeff Wheeler
  • Diabolical Plots

    Diabolical Plots is a non-fiction general interest SF/F magazine which also began posting fiction with its March 2015 issue. It pays 6c/wd., posts one story per month, with a maximum word length of 2,000 words.

    Website: http://www.diabolicalplots.com/

  • Dragons, Knights, and Angels
    Dragons, Knights, & Angels: The Magazine of Christian Fantasy and Science Fiction is founded on the idea that the power of God is the greatest magic of all. While the stories published need not have an obvious moral, the protagonists must be motivated by moral values, or learn some moral value by the end of the story. DKA is a family publication and conforms to the values and principles of Christianity. It publishes fiction and poetry, as well as an occasional comic.

    Website: dkamagazine.com

    Founder: Rebecca Shelly
    Managing Editor: Selena Thomason
    Editorial Team: Johne Cook, Keesa Renee DuPre, Marlin Klingensmith, Rosemary McMillen, RV Saunders (Poetry Editor), Mirta Ana Schultz (Poetry Editor)
  • Eclipse Online

    Jonathan Strahan, editor of the defunct Eclipse series of original anthologies, resurrected the title as an online monthly publication in October of 2012. It posts two pieces of original fiction per month. The magazine has ceased publication.

    Website: http://www.nightshadebooks.com/category/eclipse/

  • Fantastic Stories

    Fantastic Stories of the Imagination is published and edited by Warren Lapine. The magazine was resurrected in August of 2014 as a monthly e-publication available in various formats. As of its November 2014 issue it printed one original and several reprint stories. The magazine ceased publication early in 2017.

    With its May /June 2015 issue the magazine went bi-monthly.

    The website is here.

  • Fantasy Magazine

    Fantasy Magazine is a monthly, pro-paying e-zine.  As of its January 2012 issue the magazine merged with its sister SF publication Lightspeed Magazine. Lightspeed will now incorporate 2 science fiction and 2 fantasy original stories per month, along with 2 SF and 2 fantasy reprints.

    Lightspeed's website is: www.lightspeedmagazine.com.

  • Flash Fiction Online

    Flash Fiction Online is a monthly ezine paying professional SFWA qualifying rates. It posts three stories per month of between 500 and 1,000 words in various genres, including SF, F, H, Crime and others.

    Publisher is Anna Yeatts. Website: http://flashfictiononline.com/main/

  • Futurismic
  • Lightspeed

    A new monthly professionally paying e-zine launched the summer of 2010. With the January 2012 issue the magazine incorporates its sister (and also monthly) publication Fantasy Magazine. Each combined issue will feature 2 original SF and 2 original fantasy stories (along with the equal number of SF and fantasy reprints).

    Editor: John Joseph Adams (and publisher as of January 2012)

    Website: http://www.lightspeedmagazine.com/


  • Mysterion

    Mysterion is a Christian themed monthly online SF/F/H magazine paying 8 cents per word for original fiction up to a firm limit of 9,000 words.

    Website:  https://www.mysteriononline.com/

  • Nautilus

    Nautilus is a monthly online science magazine publishing one piece of fiction per month. It hopes to be the New Yorker equivalent of Scientific American. Payrate for fiction exceeds that of the SFWA minimum of 5c/wd. Its first issue debuted April 29, 2013 and was dated May 2013.

    Website: http://nautil.us/

  • Nightmare Magazine

    Nightmare Magazine is a new monthly horror ezine published by John Joseph Adams. Its first issue appeared in October of 2012. Among other features it publishes four stories per issue, 2 originals and 2 reprints.

    It can be found at: www.nightmare-magazine.com

  • Penumbra

    Penumbra is a pro-rate paying monthly e-magazine begun in October of 2011. Each issue is themed. The magazine has ceased publication.

    Editor is Celina Summers and the website is here:  http://penumbra.musapublishing.com/

  • Redstone Science Fiction

    Redstone Science Fiction is a monthly e-zine focusing on science fiction rather than fantasy or horror. It launched in mid-2010, runs fiction up to 4,000 wds. and is considered a pro-paying market. The magazine has ceased publication.

    Its website can be found here.

  • The Spook
  • The Sword Review


    The Sword Review is an exciting web-zine featuring fantasy, science fiction, and other genres as well. Within the pages, readers will find fiction, reviews, and other features sure to entertain. In addition to works by seasoned writers, The Sword Review proudly presents works by new, upcoming authors, including some by young, student writers.

    Editors: Bill Snodgrass and Cameron Walker
    Columns Editors: Amy Butler and L. S. King
    Poetry Editors: Robert V. Saunders and Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
    Assistant Editors: Ben Burdette, Amy Butler, Johne Cook, L. S. King, Angie Lofthouse, Robert V. Saunders, Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, Selena Thomason, and Beth Zipay
  • The Town Drunk
    The Town Drunk publishes lighthearted and humorous short stories that contain elements of science fiction, fantasy, or the supernatural. We seek to offer original, accessible fiction with plots that make sense and endings that satisfy. Our primary purpose, though, is to amuse and entertain, and we hope our stories will leave you smiling—or better yet, laughing out loud.

    Website: www.thetowndrunk.org

    Publisher/Managing Editor: Brit Marschalk
    Assistant Managing Editor: Eugie Foster
    Submissions Editors: Kimberly Colley, Hank Quense, Steve Castillet, David Reagan, Deb McDonnell, Rae Carson, Arthur Dorrance, Meredith Angwin, Aimee Poynter, & Brian Cooksey
  • Trabuco Road
    Trabuco Road is an online magazine publishing "literary speculative fiction" or "speculative literary fiction" monthly on or about the first of each month.

    Editor/Publisher:  B. K. Dunn

  • Transfinite
  • Words Without Borders

    Words Without Borders is a monthly professionally paying online fiction magazine devoted to translating fiction from non-English speaking writers around the world into English for the first time. Its January 2015 issue showcases that sub-genre of science fiction known as Alternate History--or Uchronia. As such, this one-shot issue devoted to this subject is probably the only issue Tangent Online will review unless a future issue's theme is somehow related to science fiction or fantasy.

    The website can be found here.