Tangent currently reviews the following e-market weekly publications.

  • Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature

    Black Gate: Adventures in Fantasy Literature switched from its bi-annual print format to an electronic format on Sunday, September 30, 2012. It now posts one original piece of fiction each Sunday, free of charge.

    Publisher and Editor: John O'Neill

    Website: http://www.blackgate.com/

  • Hub
    Hub: It's all about the story.  Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror in every issue.  Also news, reviews, features and interviews with your favorite writers and stars.

    Website: www.hub-mag.co.uk
    Subscriptions: www.hub-mag.co.uk/purchase.html

    Editor: Lee Harris
    Nonfiction Editor: Alasdair Stuart

    SCIFICTION, which is free, is part of the SCIFI.COM website, and has one original per week and a classic reprint every other week.

    This online venue has ceased publication.

    Website: http://www.scifi.com/scifiction/
    Editor: Ellen Datlow

  • shortshortshort.com
    Bruce Holland Rogers Short-short Story Subscriptions. 

    Rogers is an award-winning writer (Pushcart Prize, two Nebula Awards, the Bram Stoker, etc.), and many of the subscription stories have gone on to appear in print in such magazines and anthologies as The Sun, Realms of Fantasy, Descant, Analog, and Polyphony. But subscribers read them first!

  • Strange Horizons
    Founded in September 2000, Strange Horizons is a weekly web-based magazine of and about speculative fiction. The term "speculative fiction" refers to what is more commonly known as "SF," but which properly embraces science fiction, fantasy, magic realism, slipstream, and a host of sub-genres. It is a pro-paying market.

    Website: http://www.strangehorizons.com/

  • Terraform

    Terraform is a weekly online-only venue for science fiction up to 2,000 words. Paying 20c/wd., its first issue went online November 17, 2014.

    Editors are Claire L. Evans and Adam Rothstein and the website is here.