“The Inconvenient God” by Francesca Forrest

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The Inconvenient God


Francesca Forrest


(Annorlunda Books, Paperback available October 10, 2018, 46 pp.)


Reviewed by Victoria Silverwolf

“The Inconvenient God” by Francesca Forrest takes place in a world with modern technology, but one in which many deities exist. The narrator works for the Ministry of Divinity. She arrives at a university with an assignment to decommission a trouble-making god of irresponsibility and excess. The task proves to be far more difficult than expected. The god was once a mortal. The narrator must learn who elevated him to godhood, and for what purpose, before completing the assignment. This becomes even more complicated after a miraculous encounter with a goddess of apples, who does not want the god’s divinity undone.

This is an unusual fantasy, with a unique premise. The complicated reason for the god’s apotheosis requires a great deal of expository dialogue. Although never compelling, this quiet story manages to hold the reader’s attention.

Victoria Silverwolf recently bought a lot of apples.