Tangent Photo Gallery #6

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It’s been quite awhile since I’ve put up a new Photo Gallery, so reasoned now was a good time. Here are a few more from the bottomless box of unsorted photos from conventions past.

From L.A. Con III, 54th Worldcon–1996, Los Angeles, CA


[Above left: Amy Sterling Casil – Center: Gregory Benford (reading the latest issue of Tangent, no less) – Right: Kristine Kathryn Rusch & Gardner Dozois]


[Above left: Tim Powers – Center: Walter Jon Williams – Right: Toastmaster Connie Willis]

From Bucconeer, 56th Worldcon–1998, Baltimore, MD


[Above left: Ellen Datlow & John Clute. This was just after the panel I was on with only John Clute (!), with the late Joe Mayhew as moderator. Ellen came up after the panel to give John a hug. This was a 4 PM panel titled “Up and Coming Stars.” I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous and cotton-mouthed at any panel, much less a worldcon panel with just John Clute and me. Center: Jack Dann & Michael Swanwick – Right: Ellen Datlow & Anne Keller]    

World Fantasy Convention,

Halloween Weekend 1998, Monterey, CA

[Me and Janeen Webb (Mrs. Jack Dann), two of the five World Fantasy Award judges for 1998. Obviously, Jack’s better half.]

Readercon 11, July 1999, Waltham, MA

[Harlan Ellison & Rick Wyatt, webmaster of Harlan’s website. Harlan was co-Guest of Honor that year with Ellen Datlow.]

Nebula Awards Weekend 2000, New York, NY


[Above left: Octavia Butler & Mary Turzillo with their Nebula trophies, with Grand Master Brian Aldiss standing behind. – Right: Howard Hendrix, Pam Noles, Jack McDevitt, and Kathleen Ann Goonan]

Nebula Awards Weekend 2001, Los Angeles, CA


[Above left: Lee Martindale & the sorely missed K. D. Wentworth – Right: Robin Wayne Bailey & Bruce Holland Rogers]

ConQuest 30, Memorial Day Weekend 1999, Kansas City, MO

[Rich Horton, me, and Kurt Roth. Since they were wearing white and smiling, wearing black I chose to frown.]

ConQuest 33, Memorial Day Weekend 2002, Kansas City, MO

[Me, Jeff Verona, and Rich Horton, enlivening the consuite. For two or three years we were on a single malt scotch kick (or Irish whiskey, or something else equally agreeable to our palates), and tasked ourselves to bring something new (and expensive) to each ConQuest. In 2002 we obviously succeeded quite early on Friday night. Those were the days.]