The Shadow — Valley of the Living Dead

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“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men. The Shadow knows!”

It’s been several months since our last Shadow episode, and since they seem to be quite popular we thought it time for a new one. The Shadow on radio ran for 17 years, from September of 1937 to the day after Christmas in 1954. “Valley of the Living Dead” is one of the earliest shows, airing on January 22, 1939. “Valley” opens with the Shadow and his faithful companion Margot Lane motoring to a remote valley they have heard odd rumors about, the mystery piqueing the Shadow’s insatiable curiosity. He must find what lies behind the murmured tales and discover the truth.

(Cover top left, December 1945 — Cover top right, September 1, 1941)

What Margot and the Shadow discover goes deeper than they had imagined, and holds decidedly political overtones within its front storyline. They must thwart the malevolent machinations of a controlling madman who thinks he knows what is best for those he has enslaved — but at what cost to their humanity and freedom? Amidst this life and death adventure there is also a heartwarming tale to be found, one in which a young boy finds freedom of a different kind.

For those coming new to The Shadow on radio we have provided an overview of the Shadow’s history both in print and on radio here.

“The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay.” — The Shadow

Play Time: 28:55