Suspense — The Black Door

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“The Black Door” tells the dark tale of a professor armed only with an ancient manuscript and a university grant as he travels the South American jungles in hopes of finding the lost City of the Fire God. He discovers much more than he and his guide have bargained for however, including a fabulous treasure guarded by a race of dog-headed beasts thousands of years old–beasts looking for a way back into the outer world but held at bay only by “The Black Door.”

Written by Robert Arthur (1909-1969), one of the creative duo responsible for The Mysterious Traveler, “The Black Door” aired on November 19, 1961 on one of OTR’s classiest and longest running shows, Suspense (1942-1962). A lost civilization of unearthly creatures, a treasure beyond imagining, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions all await the listener in this spooky tale guaranteed to keep you in…Suspense!

Play Time: 23:09