Double Feature–Lights Out & Inner Sanctum

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We regrettably had to forego posting an OTR episode last week while we upgraded our software. In recompense we now post two Old Time Radio episodes, the first from Lights Out and the second from Inner Sanctum.

Lights Out ran from 1934-1947 and was written by radio’s wunderkind Arch Oboler, who also introduces each show. “Poltergeist” aired October 20, 1942. With the heat wave smothering most of the country we thought a deliciously horrible misadventure set amidst the cold and snow of a country Christmas setting might help to take your mind off the insufferable heat. “Poltergeist” begins gaily, with three young women on Christmas holiday in the country. But the story soon takes a dark twist when one of them stumbles over a grave hidden in the snow. This sets in motion a series of events none of them will ever forget. Dare I say get ready for a chilling episode of Lights Out?

Play Time: 26:02

Inner Sanctum ran almost as long as Lights Out, from 1941-1952. It is remembered fondly not only for its often grisly shows but also for the humorous interplay between the host and co-host as she attempts to hawk Lipton Tea between his horrible puns. In keeping with our winter theme, “The Undead” aired December 12, 1945 and as the title suggests, is about a vampire. Well, so believes a woman who is scared to death when she is convinced her husband is a vampire and goes to great lengths to prove it to the authorities. What befalls this brave woman forms the crux of this well-acted radio play.

Play Time: 26:22