Escape — Two Came Back

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Escape aired “Two Came Back” on August 4, 1950. The story was written by Jules Archer (1915-2008), who became famous for his many political, historical, and biographical books–especially for younger readers. He was interviewed for the History Channel’s series In Search of History in 1999. Archer saw duty during World War II in the Pacific theater, and his time there informs his knowledge of the area well. Case in point is “Two Came Back,” which takes place in New Guinea a few years after the war, when two army vets decide to return to New Guinea to reclaim hidden gold discovered there during the war. The Catch? There are several, but two worth noting are the native cannibals, and the wife of one of the men. By story’s close it becomes difficult to decide which is the larger problem. As the story title tells us, though three journeyed into the dangerous jungles of New Guinea, only “Two Came Back.” The question is, Which two?

Play Time: 29:49