Elementals — Stephen Vincent Benet

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Stephen Vincent Benet (1898-1943) saw his first short story, “Elementals,” published in 1922. It aired on Escape (1947-1954), one of Old Time Radio’s classiest shows, on October 11, 1953. Usually more long-winded in these prefatory remarks, this time I have only to say that “Elementals” is a dark study in human nature. It involves an experiment involving two willing participants, and tests the theory that hate and self-preservation are the overriding, primary motivators for all human endeavor. While “Elementals” has been reprinted in various collections over the years, the last time I recall seeing it in a genre collection was DAW’s 1988 collection Hunger for Horror. Thought-provoking and disturbing, one finds it difficult to forget.

Play Time: 29:31