Tangent Online 2012 Recommended Reading List

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Tangent Online 2012 Recommended Reading List

altAs with previous years, this list is not meant as comprehensive, there being several items we were not able to acquire and there are always the few stray stories published in non-traditional venues which we did not see. As was the case last year we narrowed our focus (with rare exception) to those stories published in professionally paying markets as defined by SFWA (5c/wd.).

As is our custom, there are four sections to each length category. Those making the list in the short story, novelette, and novella lengths but having no stars, and those with either one, two, or three stars, according to how well the reviewer or reviewers valued a particular story. Quite often you will see more than a single reviewer’s initials following a given entry. We have placed the story in the category receiving the most stars. Thus, it is possible that while one reviewer merely placed a story on the list without any stars, another also placed it on the list but with one or more stars, thus elevating that story to the higher ranking. Where there are more than one reviewer’s initials following a story recommendation, they appear in no particular order.

There are 256 stories on this year’s list, up over 100 from last year (184 short stories, 50 novelettes, and 22 novellas). If a story is placed in the wrong length category, please let us know and we’ll correct the oversight.

If you would like to review for Tangent Online, knowledge of the SF/F/H genres is a must, and reviewing experience is highly preferred. You may contact the editor here. Please note that Tangent Online is a fanzine and does not pay its contributors.

(Cover above by Cory & Catska Ench for F&SF, December 2012.)

Reviewer names and initials

Bob Blough (BB), Barbara Melville, (BM), Cyd Athens (CA), Colleen Chen (CC), Chuck Rothman (CR), Dario Ciriello (DC), Dave Truesdale (DT), Daniel Woods (DW), Jo-Anne Odell (JO), Joseph Giddings (JG), John Sulyok (JS), Louis West (LW), Matt Nadelhaft (MN), Michelle Ristuccia (MR), Richard Jones (RJ), Robert Waters (RW), Sherry Decker (SD).

I wish to thank the reviewers for the time and energy they devoted to reading and reviewing this year’s offerings. Without them, no Tangent Online and no Recommended Reading List; they’re the ones who make it all work.

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Short Stories

alt“The Least of the Deathly Arts” by Kat Howard (Subterranean Online, Winter 2012) F (CR)
“Seeräuber” by Maria Dahvana Headley (Subterranean Online, Winter 2012) F (CR)
“The Comfort of Strangers” by Alexander Jablokov (F&SF, 1-2/12) SF (DT)
“The River Gods of Mars” by Austin Grossman (Under the Moons of Mars, 2/12) SF (DT)
“The Bronze Man of Mars” by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (Under the Moons of Mars, 2/12) SF (DT)
“A Game of Mars” by Genevieve Valentine (Under the Moons of Mars, 2/12) SF (DT)
“Nanny’s Day” by Leah Cypress (Asimov’s, 3/12) SF (DT)
“Demiurge” by Geoffrey A. Landis (F&SF, 3-4/12) F (DT)
“In the Fading Light of Sundown” by Nancy Fulda (OSCIMS, 3-4/12) SF (BB)
“The Salt Man” by Melissa Mead (OSCIMS, 3-4/12) F (BB)
“A Delicate Balance” by Kevin J. Anderson (Analog, 4/12) SF (DT)
“The Ivory-Smothered Palisade” by Mike Allen (Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 4/12) F (CR)
“The Cat’s Pajamas” by Jack McDevitt (Armored. 4/12) SF (JG)
alt“Starwisps” by Edward J. McFadden (Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, 4/12) F (CC)
“The Great White Ship” by Lou Antonelli (Daily SF, 5-11/12) SF (BB)
Beside Calais by Samantha Henderson (Strange Horizons, 5-14/12) SF (MN)
“At the Foot of the Lighthouse” by Erin Hoffman (Tor.com, 5-3/12) F (CC)
“About Fairies” by Pat Murphy (Tor.com, 5-9/12) F (CC)
“Fast Draw” by Roy Hardin (Writers of the Future XXVIII, 6/12) SF (DT)
“Scout” by Bud Sparhawk (Asimov’s, 6/12) SF (DT)
“The Plague of Zhe” by Maggie Clark (Lightspeed, 6/12) SF (BB)
“Renfrew’s Course” by John Langan (Lightspeed, 6/12) F (BB)
“The Suicide Witch” by Vylar Kaftan (Daily SF, 7-13/12) F (BB)
“The Power of the Cocoon” by Nina Kiriki Hoffman (Daily SF, 7-19/12) F BB)
“Protection from the Darkness” by Jamie Lackey (Triangulation: Morning After, 2012) F (CR)
Undercity” by Nir Yaniv (Apex #39, 8/12) F (RJ)
altMurdered Sleep” by Kat Howard (Apex #39, 8/12) F (RJ)
“Zero Bar” by Tom Greene (Strange Horizons, 8/12) F (RJ)
“The Bear with the Quantum Heart” by Renee Carter Hall (Strange Horizons, 8/12) F (RJ)
Circle Dance, with Pirouettes” by Patricia Russo (Penumbra #11, 08/12) SF (MN)
Honey Bear” by Sofia Samatar (Clarkesworld, 8/12) F (CC)
The Found Girl” by David Klecha and Tobias Buckell (Clarkesworld #72, 9/12) SF (BB)
The Seven Samovars” by Peter Sursi (Lightspeed, 9/12) F (BB)
“Recurrence” by Susan Kim (Black Static #30, 9-10/12) H (CC)
Tyche and the Ants” by Hannu Rajaniemi (Edge of Infinity, 11/12) SF (DT)
“The Caramel Forest by Chris Beckett (Asimov’s, 12/12) SF (BB)
Short Stories One Star
“The Biggest” by James Patrick Kelly (Empire State, 1/12) SF* (RJ)
“Mrs. Hatcher’s Evaluation” by James Van Pelt (Asimov’s, 3/12) F* (DT)
alt“On the Acquisition of Phoenix Eggs (Variant)” by Marissa Lingen (Lightspeed, 1/12) F* (RJ)
“Swift, Brutal Retaliation” by Meghan McCarran (Tor.com, 1/12) F* (SD)
“Vengeance of Mars” by Robin Wasserman (Under the Moons of Mars, 2/12) SF* (CR, RW)
“The Ghost That Haunts the Superstition Mountains” by Chris Claremont (Under the Moons of Mars, 2/12) SF* (CR, DT)
“Harry and Marlowe and the Talisman of the Cult of Egil” by Carrie Vaughn (Lightspeed, 2/12) F* (RJ)
“The Gravedigger of Konstan Spring” by Genevieve Valentine (Lightspeed, 2/12) F* (RJ)
“War 3.01” by Keith Brooke (Lightspeed, 2/12) F* (RJ)
“Test” by Steven Utley (Lightspeed, 3/12) F* (RJ)
“Alarms” by S. L. Gilbow (Lightspeed, 3/12) F* (RJ)
“Princess of the Perfume River” by Aliette de Bodard (Daily SF, 2-29/12) SF* (BB)
alt“Dormanna” by Gene Wolfe (Tor.com, 3/12) SF* (BB)
“The Queen and the Cambion” by Richard Bowes (F&SF, 3-4/12) F* (DT)
“Follow-Up” by Stephen L. Burns (Analog, 4/12) SF* (DT)
“Sensitive, Compartmented” by Gray Rhinehart (Asimov’s, 4-5/12) SF* (DC)
“Power Armor: A Love Story” by David Barr Kirtley (Armored, 4/12) SF* (JG)
“Riding the Bus” by Tom Piccirilli (Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, 4/12) F* (CC)
“She Wanted to Go into the Trees” by Patricia Russo (Lore, Vol. 2, #1, 4/12) F* (CR)
“The Spacetime Subway Station” by Clinton Lawrence (Lore, Vol. 2, #1, 4/12) F* (CR)
“To Go Home to Leal” by Susan Forest (Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 5-3/12) F* (CR)
Tiger Stripes by Nghi Vo (Strange Horizons, 5-21/12) F* (MN)
If The Mountain Comes” by An Owomoyela, (Clarkesworld #69, 6/12) SH* (SD)
“Zip” by Steven Utley (Asimov‘s, 7/12) SF* (JS)
“Sic Him, Hellhound! Kill! Kill!” by Hal Duncan (Subterranean Online, Spring 2012)
F* (CR)
altSkin Deep” by Vylar Kaftan (Redstone #26, 7/12) SF* (MN)
Waiting for Beauty” by Marie Brennan (Apex #39, 8/12) F* (RJ)
“Over the Waves” by Louise Hughes (Strange Horizons, 8/12) F* (RJ)
The Fire Gown” by Michael Swanwick (Tor.com, 08/12) F* (JS)
Star Soup” by Chris Willrich (Asimov’s, 9/12) SF* (BB)
Ambidextrose” by Jay Werkheiser (Analog, 10/12) SF* (CC)
Results Guaranteed” by Kit Reed (Asimovs, 10-11/12) F* (BM)
“After the Pipers” by Camille Alexa (Triangulation: Morning After) SF* (CR)
“Nocte Finem” by Henry Tjernlund (Triangulation: Morning After) F* (CR)
“Nyabinghi’s Sacred Drum” by Susan Urbanek Linville (Triangulation: Morning After) F* (CR)
“Course Correction” by Kenneth B. Chiacchia (Triangulation: Morning After) SF* (CR)
“Rhapsody in Blue Shift” by Stephen Blackmoore (Fireside #2, Summer 2012), SF* (CR)
alt“Scarred” by Damien Walters Grintalis (Fireside #2, Summer 2012) F* (CR)
We Planted the Sad Child, and Watched” by Rahul Kanakia (Daily SF, 8-10/12) SF* (BB)
Robot” by Helena Bell (Clarkesworld, 9/12) SF* (BB)
Constance’s Mask” by Nick T. Chan (IGMS, 9-10/12) F* (BM)
Sojourn for Ephah” by Marina J. Lostetter (IGMS, 9-10/12) SF/F* (BM)
Safe Upon the Shore” by Kou K. Nelson (Specter Spectacular: 13 Ghostly Tales, 10/12) H* (JS)
“A Handsome Fellow” by Ekaterina Sedia (Asimov’s, 10-11/12) H* (LW)
“The Wizard of West 34th Street” by Mike Resnick (Asimov’s, 12/12) F* (LW, BB)
Sometimes I Get a Good Feeling” by Carole Johnstone (Black Static #30, 10/12) H* (CC)
The King of Marbury” by Andrew Smith (Tor.com, 10/12) SF* (LW)
Too Fond” by Leanna Renee Hieber (Tor.com, 10/12) SF* (LW)
They Make of You a Monster” by Damien Walters Grintalis (Beneath Ceaseless Skies
#107, 11-1/12) F* (CA)
“Breathe” by Steven Popkes (F&SF, 11-12/12) F* (BM, DT)
alt“If the Stars Reverse Their Courses, If the Rivers Run Back from the Sea” by Alter S. Reiss (F&SF, 11-12/12) SF* (BM)
Waiting for a Me Like You” by Chris Willrich (F&SF, 11-12/12) SF* (BM)
“Seven Smiles and Seven Frowns” by Richard Bowes (Lightspeed #30, 11/12) F* (CR)
Four Kinds of Cargo” by Leonard Richardson (Strange Horizons, 11-5/12) SF* (MN)
“Night of Our Red Eye” by David Murphy (Albedo One #42, Fall 2012) SF* (JS)
Mr Wobble” by Craig Saunders (Albedo One #42, Fall 2012) F* (JS)
“Erzulie Dantor” by Tim Susman (Apex #42, 11/12) H* (CA)
“Splinter” by Shira Lipkin (Apex #42, 11/12) H* (CA)
“The Glutton: A GoxHat Accounting Chant” by Eleanor Arnason (Apex #42, 11/12) H* (CA)
“Sprig” by Alex Bledsoe (Apex #42, 11/12) F* (CA)
“Swift as a Dream and Fleeting as a Sigh” by John Barnes (Edge of Infinity, 11/12)
SF* (DT)
“The Memcordist” by Lavie Tidhar (Eclipse Online #3, 12/12) SF* (CR)
alt“Sweet Subtleties” by Lisa L. Hannett (Clarkesworld #75, 12/12) F* (CA)
“Wing” by Amal El-Mohtar (Strange Horizons, 12-17/12) F* (CR)
“The Perfect Match” by Ken Liu (Lightspeed #31, 12/12) SF* (LW)
“The Perfect Book” by Ken Liu (Analog, 12/12) SF* (LW)
“Garden Spot” by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff (Analog, 12/12) SF* (LW)
“Scary Monster” by Liz J. Andersen (Analog, 12/12) SF* (LW)
Short Stories Two Stars
“Differences” by Eric Brown (Albedo One #41, 1/12) SF** (SD)
“The Burst” by C.W. Johnson (Asimov’s, 1/12) SF** (CC)
“The Voodoo Project” by Kristine Kathryn Rausch (Asimov’s, 2/12) SF** (BB)
“Bus Ride to Mars” by Cat Rambo (Daily SF, 2-12/12) F/SF** (BB)
“Three Deaths” by David Barr Kirtley (Under the Moons of Mars, 2/12) SF** (CR, DT)
“A Sidekick of Mars” by Garth Nix (Under the Moons of Mars, 2/12) SF** (CR, DT)
alt“Coming of Age on Barsoom” by Catherynne M. Valente (Under the Moons of Mars, 2/12) SF** (CR, RW)
“The Death Song of Dwar Guntha” by Jonathan Maberry (Under the Moons of Mars, 2/12) SF** (CR, RW, DT)
“Her Words Like Hunting Vixens Spring” by Brooke Bolander (Lightspeed, 2/12) F** (RJ)
“A Hundred Ghosts Parade Tonight” by Xia Jia (Clarkesworld #65, 2/12) SF** (DC)
“White Lies” by Thoraiya Dyer (Redstone SF #21, 2/12) SF** (CR)
“Dragonfly Girl” by Chuck Wilkerson (Redstone SF #21, 2/12) SF** (CR)
Tornados Siren by Brooke Bolander (Strange Horizons, 2-20/12) SF** (MN)
“Fragmentation, or Ten Thousand Goodbyes” by Tom Crosshill (Clarkesworld #67, 4/12) SF** (CR)
“Field Test” by Michael A. Stackpole (Armored, 4/12) SF** (JG)
“A Cry For Hire” by Carole McDonnell (Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, 4/12)
F** (CC)
“Splash” by Don Webb, Richard Lupoff, Scott Cupp, Michael Kurland, Michael Mallory,
Paul Di Filippo, and Jim Kelly (Lore, Vol 2, #1, 4/12) F** (CR)
alt“The Governess and the Lobster” by Margaret Ronald (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #95, 5-17/12) F** (SD)
altImmersion” by Aliette de Bodard, (Clarkesworld #69, 6/12) SF** (SD)
You Were She Who Abode” by E. Catherine Tobler, (Clarkesworld #69, 6/12) SH** (SD)
“Monstro” by Junot Diaz (The New Yorker, June 4 &11/12) SF** (CR)
“Insect Sculptor” by Scott T. Barnes (Writers of the Future XXVIII, 6/12) SF** (DT)
The Paradise Aperture” by David Carani (Writers of the Future XXVIII, 6/12) SF** (DT)
“The Flowering Ape by Robert DeNiro (Asimov’s, 6/12) SF** (BB)
“Final Exam” by Megan Arkenberg (Asimov’s, 6/12) SF** (BB, DW)
“Bird Walks in New England” by Michael Blumlein (Asimov’s, 7/12) SF** (JS)
altThe Suicide’s Guide to the Absinthe of Perdition” by Megan Arkenberg (Lightspeed #29, 10/12) F** (CA)
“In the Dark” by Ian Nichols (Apex #37, 6/12), F** (CR)
A Tall Tail” by Charles Stross (Tor.com, 07/12) SF ** (JS)
Armless Maidens of the American West” by Genevieve Valentine (Apex #39, 8/12) F** (RJ)
Where the Summer Dwells” by Lynda E. Rucker (F&SF, 8-9/12) F** (BM)
Portrait of Lisane de Patagnia” by Rachel Swirsky (Tor.com, 08/12) F** (JS)
“When Averly Fell from the Sky” by Dean Wells (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #103, 9/12) SF** (CR)
“The Message” by Ken Liu (Interzone #242, 9-10/12) SF** (MR)
“That Goldurned Hole” by Gary Cuba, (Triangulation: Morning After) SF** (CR)
“Lilith” by Madhvi Ramini, (Triangulation: Morning After) F** (CR)
“What Now, Callisthenes” by Christine Lucas (Triangulation: Morning After) F** (CR)
The Hologram World” by Eugene Mirabelli (Asimovs, 10-11/12) SF** (BM, BB)
altAntarctica Starts Here” by Paul McAuley (Asimov’s, 10-11/12) SF** (BB)
Reboots and Saddles” by Carl Frederick (Analog, 10/12) SF** (CC)
Property Condemned: A Story of Pine Deep” by Jonathan Maberry (Nightmare #1, 10/12) H** (CA)
Write What You Want” by Eric James Stone (IGMS, 9-10/12) F** (BM)
The Last God-Killer” by Grá Linnaea & Dave Raines (IGMS, 9-10/12) SF/F** (BM)
Cinder” by Kristina Wojtaszek (Specter Spectacular: 13 Ghostly Tales, 10/12) H** (JS)
“Three Little Foxes” by Richard Parks (Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 10-4/12) F** (RJ)
“The Probability Flatline” by K.G. Jewell (IGMS, 11/12) SF** (MR)
“Hearing Impairment” by Stephen L. Burns (Analog, 12/12) SF** (LW)
Your Final Apocalypse” Sandra McDonald (Clarkesworld #75, 12/12) SF** (CA)
“Dreams in Dust” by Dwayne Minton (Lightspeed #31, 12/12) SF** (LW)
American Jackal” by J.T. Petty (Lightspeed #31, 12/12) H** (LW)
Short Stories Three Stars
alt“Scattered Along the River of Heaven” by Aliette De Bodard (Clarkesworld #64, 1/12) SF*** (BB)
“The Womb Factory” by Peter M. Ferenczi (Clarkesworld #67, 4/12) SF*** (CR)
“Fairy Gold” by Peadar Ó Guilín (Lore, Vol 2, #1, 4/12) F*** (CR)
“The Last Days of the Kelly Gang” by David D. Levine (Armored, 4/12) SF*** (JG)
“Ruminations in an Alien Tongue” by Vandana Singh (Lightspeed, 4/12) SF *** (BB)
“Heuristic Algorithm and Reasoning Response Engine” by Ethan Skarstedt & Brandon Sanderson (Armored, 4/12) SF*** (JG)
“Black Box” by Jennifer Egan (The New Yorker, June 4 & 11/12) SF*** (CR)
“The Girl in the Park” by Robert Reed (Asimov’s, 7/12) SF*** (JS)
The Mongolian Wizard” by Michael Swanwick (Tor.com, 7/12) F*** (BB, JS)
“Perspective” by Jake Kerr (Fireside #2, Summer 2012) SF*** (CR)
“The Silk Merchant” by Ken Liu, (Apex #38, 7/12) F*** (CR)
alt“Beautiful Boys” by Theodora Goss (Asimov’s, 8/12) SF*** (BB)
Starsong” by Aliette de Bodard (Asimov’s, 8/12) SF*** (BB)
Dark and Deep” by Holli Mintzer (IGMS, 8/12) F*** (JS)
Fade to White” by Catherynne M. Valente (Clarkesworld, 8/12)*** F (CC)
“Bandit and the Seventy Raccoon War” by Don Allmon, (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #103, 9/12) F*** (CR)
“Beyond the Light Cone” by C. W. Johnson (Interzone #242, 9-10/12) SF*** (MR)
“All Unlooked For” by Nathaniel Lee (Triangulation: Morning After) F*** (CR)
Day of the Kraken” by Michael Swanwick (Tor.com, 9-26/12) F*** (BB)
The Department of Alterations” by Gennifer Albin (Tor.com, 9-27/12) F*** (BB)
mua-ka’s Child” by Indrapramit Das (Clarkesworld, 9/12) SF*** (BB)
Jacks and Queens at the Green Mill” by Marie Rutowski (Tor.com, 10/12) SF*** (LW)
“Cursed Motives” by Marissa Lingen (Beneath Ceaseless Skies, 10-4/12) F*** (RJ)
altThe Lord of Discarded Things” by Lavie Tidhar (Strange Horizons, 10-15/12) SF*** (LW)
Drith” by Donna Thorland (Albedo One #42, Fall 2012) F*** (JS)
“The Flittiest Catch” by Robert Lowell Russell (IGMS, 11/12) SF/F*** (MR)
“Wild Things” Alyx Dellamonica (Tor.com, 11/12) F*** (BM)
“The Trade” by Mark Rigney (Black Gate Online, 12-9/12) F*** (LW)
America Thief” by Alter S. Reiss (Strange Horizons, 12-3 & 12-10/12) F*** (CR)
The Black Feminist’s Guide to Science Fiction Film” by Sandra McDonald (Asimov’s, 12/12) SF*** (BB, DT)
“The Jasoom Project” by S. M. Stirling (Under the Moons of Mars, 2/12) SF (DT)
“Golva’s Ascent” by Tom Purdom (Asimov’s, 3/12) SF (DT)
alt“The Siren” by M. O. Muriel (Writers of the Future XXVIII, 6/12) SF (DT)
Contact Authority” by William Mitchell (Writers of the Future XXVIII, 6/12) SF (DT)
The Command for Love” by Nick. T. Chan (Writers of the Future XXVIII, 6/12) SF (DT)
The Liars” by Juliette Wade (Analog, 10/12) SF (CC)
Novelettes One Star
“Arkmind” by Niall Francis McMahon (IGMS #26, 1-2/12) SF* (DC)
“The Pass” by Benjamin Crowell (Asimov’s, 3/12) SF* (DC)
“Olfert Dapper’s Day” by Peter S. Beagle (F&SF, 3-4/12) F* (DT)
“The Sympathy” by Eric Gregory (Lightspeed, 4/12) F* (CR)
The Rings of Mars” by William Ledbetter (Writers of the Future XXVIII, 6/12) SF* (DT)
While Ireland Holds These Graves” by Tom Doyle (Writers of the Future XXVIII, 6/12)
SF* (DT)
altTwo-Stone Tom and His Big T.O.E.” by Brian Lumley (Subterranean, Fall 2012) SF* (BB)
When the Shadows Are Hungry and Cold (A Milestone Story)” by Kealan Patrick Burke (Subterranean, Fall 2012) F* (BB)
Troll Blood by Peter Dickinson (F&SF, 8-9/12) F* (BM)
“Done That, Never Been There,” by Brad Aiken (Analog, 9/12) SF* (CR)
“Elmira, 1895” by Michael F. Flynn (Analog, 9/12) SF* (CR)
“The Daughter’s Dowry” by Aaron Bradford Starr (Black Gate Online, 10-14/12) F* (DT, CA)
“The Information in a Dream” by Sarah K. Castle (Analog, 11/12) F* (RJ)
“Am I Free to Go?” by Kathryn Cramer (Tor.com, 12/12) SF* (LW)
Novelettes Two Stars
Bruce Springsteen” by Paul McAuley (Asimov’s, 1/12) SF** (BB, CC)
altThe Thorn and the Blossom by Theodora Goss [2 novelettes in one book] (Quirk Books, 2012) F** (BB)
“The Weight of History, the Lightness of the Future” by Jay Lake (Subterranean Online, Spring 2012) SF** (CR)
Missionaries” by Mercurio D. Rivera (Asimov’s, 6/12) SF** (BB, DW)
Henry, Caesar of the Air, His Life and Times, or the Book of Qat” by Lavie Tidhar (Daily SF, 7/23-27/12) SF** (BB)
“Old Paint” by Megan Lindholm (Asimov’s, 7/12) SF** (JS)
“Weep for Day” by Indrapramit Das (Asimov’s, 8/12) SF** (BB)
“Heaven’s Touch” by Jason Sanford (Asimov’s, 8/12) SF** (BB)
“The Bernoulli War” by Gord Sellar (Asimov’s, 8/12) SF** (BB)
“Mating Habits of the Late Cretaceous” by Dale Bailey (Asimov’s, 9/12) SF** (BB)
altThe Journeyman: On the Short-Grass Prairie” by Michael F. Flynn (Analog, 10/12) SF**
(CC, DT)
Heaventide” by KJ Kabza (F&SF, 11-12/12) SF/F** (BM)
Vainglory” by Alastair Reynolds (Edge of Infinity, 11/12) SF** (RW)
“Invisible Men” by Christopher Barzak (Eclipse Online #3, 12/12) SF** (CR)
“Silent Mode” by Paul Carlson (Analog, 12/12) SF** (LW)
Novelettes Three Stars
“Treasure Island: A Lucifer Jones Story” by Mike Resnick (Subterranean Online, Winter 2012) F*** (CR)
“Scry” by Anne Ivy (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #90, 3-8/12) F*** (DC)
“Something Real” by Rick Wilber (Asimov’s, 4-5/12) AH*** (DC)
“My Name is Angela” by Harry Lang (Writers of the Future XXVIII, 6/12) SF*** (DT)
Tumbling Nancy” by Ian R. MacLeod (Subterranean Online, Summer 2012) H*** (BB)
alt“Arc” by Ken Lui (F&SF, 8-9/12) SF*** (BM)
Strigoi” by Lavie Tidhar (Interzone #242, 9-10/12) SF*** (BB, MR)
Godmother Lizard” by C. S. E. Cooney (Black Gate Online, 11-11/12) F*** (LW)
“Barbary” by Jackson Kuhl (Black Static #31, 11-12/12) H*** (CR)
Macy Minnot’s Last Christmas on Dione, Ring Racing, Fiddler’s Green, the Potter’s Garden” by Paul McAuley (Edge of Infinity, 11/12) SF*** (RW, DT)
The Girl-Thing Who Went Out for Sushi” by Pat Cadigan (Edge of Infinity, 11/12) SF*** (BB, RW)
Drive” by James S. A. Corey (Edge of Infinity, 11/12) SF*** (BB, DT)
The Peak of Eternal Light” by Bruce Sterling (Edge of Infinity, 11/12) SF*** (DT, RW)
“The Finite Canvas” by Brit Mandelo (Tor.com, 12/12) SF*** (LW)
“The Waves” by Ken Liu (Asimov’s, 12/12) SF*** (BB)
“Exotic Pets” by Ken Liu (Buzzymag.com, 3-25/12) SF (BB)
The Contrary Gardener” by Christopher Rowe (Eclipse Online #1, 10/12) SF (MN)
The Fullness of Time” by Kate Wilhelm (F&SF, 7-8/12) SF (DT)
African Sunrise” by Nnedi Okorafor (Subterranean, Fall 2012) SF (BB)
Novellas One Star
“Doctor Alien and the Spindles of Infinity” by Rajnar Vajra (Analog, 1-2/12) F* (JO)
One Little Room an Everywhere” by K. J. Parker (Eclipse Online #1, 10/12) SF* (MN)
Game” by Maria Dahvana Headley (Subterranean, Fall 2012) F* (BB)
The Stars Do Not Lie” by Jay Lake (Asimov’s, 10-11/12) SF* (BB)
“Katabasis” by Robert Reed (F&SF, 11-12/12) SF* (BM)
altNovellas Two Stars
“The Last Judgment” by James Patrick Kelly (Asimov’s, 4-5/12) SF** (DC, BB)
“Maze of Shadows” by Fred Chappell (F&SF, 5-6/12) F** (DT)
Novellas Three Stars
“In the House of Aryaman, A Lonely Signal Burns” by Elizabeth Bear (Asimov’s, 1/12) SF*** (CC, BB)
“Three Lilies And Three Leopards (And A Participation Ribbon In Science)” by Tad Williams (Subterranean Online, Winter 2012) F*** (CR)
“Murder Born” by Robert Reed (Asimov’s, 2/12) SF*** (DC, BB)
“After the Fall, Before the Fall, During the Fall” by Nancy Kress (Tachyon Publications, 3/12) SF*** (BB)
alt“Angel of Europa” by Allen Steele (Subterranean Online, Spring 2012) SF*** (CR)
Let Maps to Others” by K.J. Bishop (Subterranean Online, Summer 2012) F*** (BB)
To Be Read Upon Your Waking” by Robert Jackson Bennett (Subterranean Online, Summer 2012) F/H*** (BB)
“The Conquest of the Air” by Rob Chilson (Analog, 7-8/12) SF*** (DC)
“San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoatsby Mira Grant (Orbit Short Fiction for e-readers, 7-11/12) SF*** (BB)
“The Mongolian Book of the Dead” by Alan Smale (Asimov’s, 10-11/12) SF*** (LW, BM)
“Sudden, Broken, and Unexpected” by Steven Popkes (Asimov’s, 12/12) SF*** (LW, BB)
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