Terraform, June 1, 2015

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Terraform, June 1, 2015

The Trap” by Aaron Gordon

Reviewed by Eric Kimminau

The Trap” by Aaron Gordon is an interesting take on the potential to up the corruption game in professional sports, but is this dystopian view of future sports really a fresh new look? In short, this was, for me, a re-hash of the basketball transformation from the 1984 Mike McQuay post-apocalyptic novel Jitterbug without the genetic modifications of positional specific players. Was it an interesting read? Yes. The story pulls you into the protagonist trying desperately to buck the system while displaying the skills of old rather than falling into “The Trap” of just playing the lie. It is relevant to current events and takes the reader down the playing field of the author‘s view of ultimate sports corruption. References to players and contrasts to current state are viable and pertinent. GOAL!

Eric Kimminau is a BBS geek turned IT professional for a Fortune 10 global IT company.