Strange Horizons, August 14, 2017

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Strange Horizons, August 14, 2017

“unfurl/ed” by Jes Rausch

Reviewed by Victoria Silverwolf

Written in a dense, difficult style with typographical tricks, “unfurl/ed” by Jes Rausch deals with a group of individuals who have given up their physical bodies and joined their minds to serve as the controlling intelligence of a solar power collection satellite orbiting their home planet. A crisis occurs when one of the electric grids to which they send energy fails. This brief synopsis makes the story sound clearer and more coherent than it is. Because the data collected by the group intelligence has become corrupted, nothing that is narrated is entirely certain. Events may have occurred days or centuries ago, or perhaps not at all. The effort required to understand this story completely might not be sufficiently rewarding for some readers.

Victoria Silverwolf is not a group mind.