Strange Horizons, April 17, 2017

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Strange Horizons, April 17, 2017

Seeds” by Margaret Wack

Reviewed by Alexandros Zochios

Snow, a girl born in a freezing northern Europe after the great war, is trying to get by along with her small community. With little means such as archaic maps and boats she is planning to make sail in the northern sea.

Seeds” by Margaret Wack is a post-apocalyptic flash fiction story. Despite its short word length it encompasses the devastating history of Snow’s world. We can see Snow as a survivor and as an achiever. A future mother who is getting ready to lead other mothers as well. What resonates the most in our heart is the human will to stay alive, to cope with the harsh conditions through the strong bond between Snow and her people. We can feel the warmth from their nightly cuddling reminding us of the isolated tribes in the northern areas of Earth, as well as their wariness against other strangers.

A theme that is repeated through this story is that of giving birth—a repeated renewal of life. The ending reveals Snow’s and her people’s plan to renew life on Earth; however, this can be seen already through their children. The seeds of the future.