Strange Horizons, April 10, 2017

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Strange Horizons, April 10, 2017

Lacuna” by Lane Robins

Reviewed by Alexandros Zochios

Father Jean-Paulo de Santos Celestos has been sent to Lacuna, a futuristic old city, in order to help the dying Father Padraig-Immanuel to find his lost faith and take him back to Rome. However, what father Jean-Paulo discovers are the beautiful golem girls at the Burlesk. Now, father sets a new goal: To save one of the golem dancers.

Lacuna” by Lane Robins is a story about a man thinking that he can save the world. He is set to put the sinners on the right path. But he is too blind to see that he is the one who needs saving. This theme is portrayed clearly throughout the story while he is fixated in proselytizing the golem girl. However, what we are missing is the spiritual back story of the golem girls. Although the author informs us how they are created, we are not sure how they can be saved since they are not human. Has the catholic church acknowledged them as beings with a soul? This is hard to believe. However, that doesn’t stop us following the padre’s struggle until the end.