Strange Horizons, 25 September 2006

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“Mayfly” by Heather Lindsley

Through a story about a human family with the lifespan of a mayfly, Heather Lindsley shows just how valuable time can be in "Mayfly." This story will keep your interest and leave your intellectual mind aflutter. The first-person POV allows you inside May’s head and is the perfect POV to have for a story like this one. While present tense normally irritates me, I actually didn’t notice it was written that way until after I finished reading and looked back at one of the paragraphs, which shows how skillful Lindsley is at crafting a fine tale. It’s certainly a story worth reading.

What interests me the most is May’s perspectives coupled by her racial memories. It delivers a very interesting look into the human psyche, especially how necessarily different it would have to be to cope with such a short lifespan—in essence, no time for the usual bull. In this, “Mayfly” delivers a lesson we can all benefit from.