Strange Horizons, 2 August 2004

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"Displaced Persons" by Leah Bobet

Another twist on a classic tale is this week's "Displaced Persons" by Leah Bobet.  It's the story of the flying monkeys from the land of Oz, as they cope with the loss of the witch and their subsequent humiliations.  They are reduced to lesser beings, forced to walk and fend for themselves.

The story is fresh and reflective.  It's a cookie of a piece; a snack that's sweet but doesn't last as long as I wanted it to.  With a focus on rebuilding and the future, it seemed well placed on the Strange Horizons web site. I thought the prose could have been more eloquent, but after all, the story is told from the monkeys' point of view.

Alex McVey produced an illustration of a forlorn monkey who is less than he once was.  I think he brilliantly captured the mood of the story.