Strange Horizons, 17 October 2006

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“Winnowing the Herd” by Carrie Vaughn
Werewolf and DJ, Kitty Norville, is at an appreciation party at the KNOB station, hosted by her boss, Ozzie. Unfortunately, all the entrees are for vegetarians and Kitty, being a werewolf, is a strict meat-eater surrounded by plenty of human meat. Can she control her primal urges enough to avoid eating her co-workers?

The entire story is done through Kitty’s POV. While basically human, there is also pack animal mentality going on in her perceptions of the other people at the party. An interesting aspect, on a psychological level, is how all the “sheep” are not consciously aware of the wolf among them yet, subconsciously, they can sense it. There is much to study in regards to social dynamics in this tale, but still…will she eat her co-workers? You’ll just have to read it to find out.

The story flows smoothly, with much humor subtly embedded. All-in-all it’s an entertaining tale that just might make you hungry for a juicy, rare steak (or a couple raw co-workers).