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"New York Games" by Eric Brown
Jimmy Pappas is a mountainous mass of designer muscle. An athlete for the PharmOlympic team XenoMed-USA, he is the world record holder for power-lifting. Someone is trying to kill him, and former detective Hal Halliday is his only hope for survival.

Eric Brown‘s "New York Games" has an opinion. It’s opposed to the use of "performance enhancing" drugs in sports. It’s opposed to them so much, in fact, that it forgets to resolve its central mystery. When all is said and done, we get a lot of commentary about how monstrous these manufactured übermench are, but we never find out who was shooting at Jimmy in the park. If Brown could have throttled down on the vehemence a bit, it would have been an interesting story. As is, I’m afraid it was just too much for me.