Nightmare #85, October 2019

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Nightmare #85, October 2019

Some Kind of Blood-Soaked Futureby Carlie St. George

Growing and Growingby Rick Larson

Reviewed by Alex Granados

Some Kind of Blood-Soaked Futureby Carlie St. George is a great story. I dont think Ive ever been so unequivocal about a story before. Told in the first person, memoir style, it tells the story of a young woman who survives a slumber party massacre only to discover that all the movie tropes about frat-party massacres, black people dying first, virgin women surviving the night, and reanimated slashers are not only true, but rampant.

The main character, unsure what to do with her life since massacre seems to follow her everywhere she goes, resolves to be a hero, dashing in to slashing scenarios with gun or knife in hand and saving the day—at least as much as possible.

This story is funny, compelling, and interesting to the last. I highly recommend it.

While I didnt enjoy Growing and Growingby Rich Larson quite as much, its still a good story.

It follows Ignacio and Hector, two brothers in Oaxaca, Mexico. One night they are walking through the city when they come upon a baby with a strange deformation and covered in gasoline. Like any good people would, they decide to rescue the baby, and thats when things get weird.

It would be a disservice to tell you anything further, but suffice it to say that what happens next is creepy, and I particularly like the somewhat open-ended resolution. This is a short, entertaining story and definitely worth a read.