Nightmare #61, October 2017

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Nightmare #61, October 2017

Don’t Turn On The Lights” by Cassandra Khaw

We Are Turning on a Spindle” by Joanna Parypinski

Reviewed by Adrian McCauley

Don’t Turn On The Lights is a self-aware urban legend told to us by the narrator in different versions, each one becoming more gruesome and macabre. A young woman returns to her college dorm and discovers the mutilated body of her roommate; there is not much in the way of plot, but Cassandra Khaw develops the story and the characters by exploring different interpretations of the story, retelling it with certain details altered. An interesting concept and an enjoyable read.

We Are Turning on a Spindle” by Joanna Parypinski is a dark, brooding and atmospheric take on the Sleeping Beauty tale. Set in the future, on a dying planet where magic still exists, the unnamed hero must overcome the hazards of a decaying world and find the one true remaining beauty in the universe. The story was very descriptive but let itself down with an unsurprising twist; however, the style suited the mood well and was reminiscent of a Lovecraftian tale which kept me invested.