Flash Fiction Online #68, May 2019

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Flash Fiction Online #68, May 2019

Bedtime Snacks for Baby” by Catherine George

Things Not to Forget” by Adele Gardner

Reviewed by Michelle Ristuccia

Catherine George marries the accessible with the impossible in this delightful morsel, “Bedtime Snacks for Baby.” The diet of a toddler can baffle reason, but what if your tyke ate abstract concepts like love and hate, instead of food? George’s what-ifs bring us to a bizarre extreme that convolutes the physical with the metaphysical in a way sure to please readers.

Things Not to Forget” by Adele Gardner explores the transition to an unknown afterlife as a first-person, in-the-moment account. Gardner moves the story along with sweet details through a nonetheless vaguely familiar setup.

Michelle Ristuccia enjoys slowing down time in the middle of the night to read and review speculative fiction, because sleeping offspring are the best inspiration and motivation. You can find out more about her other writing projects and geeky obsessions by visiting her blog.