Dragons, Knights, & Angels, Issue #44

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"Dust" by David Misialowski
"Dink" by Jennifer Morris
"Only Our Thirst Lights Us Onward" by Elizabeth Hopkinson
“Dust” by David Misialowski will blow you away with its candid view of life. A discouraged doctor finds solace in a young orphan girl who has become an icon at his ramshackle clinic in some forgotten corner of the world. There is no hope or encouragement on this island between the living and the dead, but he perseveres at his work. He doesn’t really know why, he does, until one day, a blind man and an unexpected death forces him to see what life is really all about.

This story is dark and seemingly told in stolen whispers. Although the tone is subdued, the voice is strong, digging at the heart of the reader to find a quiet place to awaken.

“Dink” by Jennifer Morris is a delightful story. Very simply written, as if for children, but with a strong message that even adults can appreciate. Told from the point of view of a family pet, Dink, a small but strong little dog who thinks he’s the family’s protector. The writer captures with gusto the perspective of our furry friends. Being a dog lover, I too have a protector—named Pete.  And I know he is capable of doing what the courageous Dink does, and more, in order to protect me and my family. This story expounds upon the loyalty of dogs and how people are often unawares of its magnitude.

“Only Our Thirst Lights Us Onward” by Elizabeth Hopkinson is a touching story of hope, the hope that if you stay on the right path, you’ll be rewarded—though perhaps not in the way you thought. A series of flashback and flash-forwards propel the story along, leading to a satisfying fruition and a warm feeling of closure.  A memorable story.