Diabolical Plots #4, June 2015

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Diabolical Plots #4, June 2015

The Princess in the Basement” by Hope Erica Schultz

Reviewed by Joshua Berlow

This short story is a retelling of the Rapunzel fairy tale with a horror twist. It’s admirable for its sparse, straightforward style. There’s no extraneous fluff—the story says what needs to be said and no more by skillful use of dialog. Schultz’s engaging use of dialog negates the need for backstory and other needless explanation.

This is an effectively updated fairy tale. However, I’m partial to science-fiction! Diabolical Plots is on its way to becoming an important showcase of online science-fiction, so I wonder if this side-trip into fairy presages more of the same. Personally, I hope DP returns to quality science-fiction.

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