Diabolical Plots #23, January 2017

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Diabolical Plots #23, January 2017

Curl up and Dye” by Tina Gower

Reviewed by Kat Day

Diabolical Plots welcomes the start of 2017 with “Curl up and Dye,” by Tina Gower. In this tale we meet Amelia, who is having serious trouble with her hair. In desperation, she visits a salon called Dye for a Change and the stylist attempts to resolve her problems. This is a story about change and moving on, which seems very apt for the time of year. It’s also a very original idea, and I enjoyed a lot of the imagery. For me, though, the ending was somewhat unsatisfying. It felt as though the middle section in the hair salon was ultimately redundant to our protagonist’s character arc, which I thought was rather a shame.

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