Diabolical Plots #19, September 2016

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Diabolical Plots #19, September, 2016

“Do Not Question the University” by PC Keeler


Reviewed by Nicky Magas

For generations, potential students have fought for the privilege of gaining an Education from The University. In “Do Not Question the University” by PC Keeler, Albert is only the latest to pass the rigors of its entrance procedures. He knows the price of failure and the prize for success, but as he works his way further than any student before him, is Albert ready to put all that he has learned to the ultimate test?

Partially Orwellian in its delivery, “Do Not Question the University” hints at a futuristic, dystopian society ruled by a sentient university in an economy of runaway inflation. Albert, an idealistic, or possibly naive, or possibly ambitious student is The University’s perfect, fleshy foil. While the twist at the end is pleasing, the story spends a lot of time winking at the audience when it could have been dishing out the meat and potatoes that would have truly made this satisfying.