Diabolical Plots #14, April 2016

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Diabolical Plots #14, April 2016

The Blood Tree War” by Daniel Ausema

Reviewed by Kat Day

The Blood Tree War, by Daniel Ausema tells the story of a carnivorous tree, growing on a battleground. We learn that this tree feeds on the blood spilled in conflicts, and that it itself is warring with its sister tree, growing nearby, as they fight for resources. Ausema pulls off some excellent characterization in this tale, allowing the reader to get into the ‘head’ of his plant protagonist, and we really start to root (sorry) for him to succeed. The imagery is excellent, making clever use of all five senses. In his Author’s Note Ausema says: “the idea of cruel and carnivorous trees that feast on spilled blood was one I knew I had to finish as soon as it occurred to me!” and I could not agree more; it is a great idea. The ending is also extremely satisfying.

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