Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores, January 2020

Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, January 2020

“Cloud Tower Rising” by Ian Pohl

Reviewed by Michelle Ristuccia

In “Cloud Tower Rising,” experienced adventurer-scavenger Devlin loots wizards’ towers left behind by the death of wizards in the wizard wars, which also destroyed much of the surrounding towns, leaving behind confusion and economic despair. When Devlin fights through the enchanted woods on his way to Cloud Tower, he’s surprised to find a safe, prosperous town at the wizard tower’s base. He ignores the allure of this rarity and soon finds an unexpected antagonist in the tower. After surviving through pure luck, he decides to steer his life down a new path. “Cloud Tower Rising” presents the reader with imaginative magic items and the impression of an epic fantasy world in which the survivors must rebuild after war has destroyed the warmongers.

Michelle Ristuccia enjoys slowing down time in the middle of the night to read and review speculative fiction, because sleeping offspring are the best inspiration and motivation. You can find out more about her other writing projects and geeky obsessions by visiting her blog and Facebook page.