— November 2015

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Points of Origin” by Marissa K. Lingen

The Freedom of Navid Leahy” by Jenna Helland
Reviewed by Bob Blough has had a very sparse November in regard to original fiction.

Marissa K. Lingen presents a tale of refugees and adoption. Three young children are left with a couple in their 80s. They are the children’s genetic grandparents who are living on Mars. These children are from genes the grandparents gave to a couple relocating to the Oort Cloud many years ago. Now their mother is in jail and their father is lost or dead. Thus these three are sent to their “grandparents” to live on Mars after being raised in ships and stations all their lives. Being a story about unannounced adoption it shows the learning curve of such a situation from both sides. It is a heart-warming tale but unfortunately not very memorable. However, the idea of adoption is not much written about in SF. Perhaps more SF stories need to include the idea of adoption. Moving into the solar system will be difficult and will cause quite a number of orphans, I would think.

The next is a YA adventure about a boy in a pre-industrial land who must face down his ex-friend turned bully while living in a cultural situation of brewing rebellion by his people against the ruling class.

The Freedom of Navid Leahy” by Jenna Helland is, unfortunately, a standard fantasy coming of age tale told many times before.