“Animal Expressions” by Suanne Warr and “Desperate Measures” by Hank Quense

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“Animal Expressions” by Suanne Warr
“Desperate Measures” by Hank Quense

“Animal Expressions” by Suanne Warr is comprised of three brief snippets of prose that delve into the realm of fantasy, each connected in some way to an animal. A president, an object of worship, and singing cows all make an appearance in Warr’s short, sharp sketches.

Publisher: Jupiter World Press (June 2006)
eBook: 7 pages
Price: $1.00 

Image“Desperate Measures” by Hank Quense delves into the realm of sword and sorcerer fantasy. The story centers on the trials and tribulations of Brodwin, an inept wizard who is trying to help the city of Dun Hythe defend against an invasion. Brodwin is self-absorbed, single-minded, and at times quite engaging in his pursuit of victory for the people of Dun Hythe and the heart of the Glyniss, the city’s ruler.

Publisher: Jupiter World Press (June 2006)
eBook: 18 pages
Price: $1.49