Conversations With Zoe by M.K. Wintersong

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"Conversations With Zoe" by M.K. Wintersong

"Conversations With Zoe" by M.K. Wintersong doesn’t tiptoe around the subjects of abortion, government socialism, and the evils of insurance companies. In fact, Wintersong throws them directly at the reader in a direct, no-holds barred manner.

The Zoe of the title is a twelve-week-old fetus carried by Liz Stanton. Liz is at her doctor’s office to have a conversation with her unborn child, to assess how strongly Zoe wants to live despite knowing that if born, Zoe will be born into a life of illness without medical insurance coverage.

Wintersong shamelessly pulls the reader’s emotional heartstrings. "Conversations With Zoe" will draw empathy from even the most cold-hearted person. The material is timely with all the current debate about abortion rights and stem-cell research. All the same, the prose felt heavy-handed and too direct, which sullied my enjoyment of the story.

Publisher: Jupiter World Press
Price: $1.49
eBook: 19 pages