Waylines #6, November 2013

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Waylines #6, November 2013

“Best Regards” by Andrew S. Williams
“A Long Fuse to a Slow Detonation” by Anaea Lay

Reviewed by Chuck Rothman

There are two stories in November’s Waylines, one humorous, the other philosophical

“Best Regards” is a humorous look at future technical support as Garrin Lipnik has to deal with three issues for users of the Quasarion X-7000 Home Teleportation System. Alexa Kinston has her cells mixed up with her pet dog; David Hasenpfeffer loses his coccyx; and Zak McFrampton has his evil twin show up. I was afraid that this would become a collection of one liners, but Andrew S. Williams has crafted an amusing romp that manages to tie everything together nicely.

Anaea Lay contributes “A Long Fuse to a Short Detonation,” set in a generation ship where an epidemic called “The Walking Plague” is slowly attacking the crew. Marnie, in an attempt to stop it, creates an explosion that puts into the Empty Place, a punishment where there is no time. Most of the story is Marnie musing about love and time, but I didn’t find the result particularly compelling.

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