Waylines #3, May 2013

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Waylines #3, May 2013

“The Horses Under Her Skin” by Leena Likitalo
“Word for Word” by Kate Heartfield

Reviewed by Chuck Rothman

Wayline’s third issue features two fantasy stories with strongly emotive themes.

In “The Horses Under Her Skin,” Sage is procrastinating about finishing the tomb of Mad King Slavik; once it is completed, his beloved Princess Irina must be entombed with him. Sage cannot keep delaying, and comes up with a desperate plan to find the dead king in the underworld and convince him to lift the terms of the curse. Leena Likitalo‘s story does not go for the easy solution, and I liked the way it finally resolved it all.

Kate Heartfield contributes “Word for Word,” where Sam has a magic typewriter that allows him to take back any stupid or hurtful things he’s said, so they’re forgotten and he can move on. The concept is an excellent one, and the story explores some interesting ramifications of that ability, giving it a very strong appeal.