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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
Shimmer is a new speculative fiction magazine, published quarterly. Each issue will contain new fiction from emerging and established writers. We are more concerned with excellent writing than with genre boundaries - so you’ll find fantasy, science fiction, horror, magical realism, and stories that defy categorization.

Editor-in-Chief: Beth Wodzinski
Editors: J.L. Radley, David Edwards

Shimmer #10, 2009

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Blue Joe” by Stephanie Burgis

The Carnivale of Abandoned Tales” by Caitlyn Paxson

A Painter, a Sheep and a Boa Constrictor” by Nir Yaniv

One for Sorrow” by Shweta Narayan

The Bride Price” by Richard S. Crawford

Jaguar Woman” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Firefly Igloo” by Caroline M. Yoachim

The Fox and the King’s Beard” by Jessica Paige Wick

River Water” by Becca De La Rosa

What to Do with the Dead” by Claude Lalumiere

The Spoils of Springfield” by Alex Wilson

Counting Down to the End of the Universe” by Sara Genge


Shimmer, Winter 2007

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"Juana and the Dancing Bear" by n. a. bourke
"Duets" by Philip J. Lees
"Tom Cofferwillow Comes Undone" by Stephen L. Moss
"Catch of the Day" by Michael Livingston
"Eagle-haunted Lake Sammamish" by Cat Rambo
"Night Milling" by Mike Driver
"Dwell on Her Graciousness" by Dario Ciriello

Shimmer, Autumn 2006

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“Halloween Night” by John Parke Davis
“Skeletonbaby Magic” by Kathy Watts
“Pray For Us, St. Dymphna” by Bryan Lindsey
“The Angel Wood” by Angela Slatter
“Through the Obsidian Gates” by Aliette de Bodard
“A Wizard on the Road” by Nir Yaniv (translated by Lavie Tidhar)
“Voices of the Gods” by Monica Eiland
“King of Sand and Stormy Seas” by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Shimmer, Summer 2006, #4

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"The Crow's Caw" by Amal El-Mohtar
"Oscar's Temple" by Stephen L. Moss
"Lucy and the Centaur" by Chrissy Ellsworth
"Always Greener" by Paul Abbamondi
"Bluebeard" by Angela Slatter
"Gnome Season" by Michael Livingston
"On the Edge of the World" by Marina T. Stern
"Urban Renewal" by Tom Pendergrass
"A Fish Tale" by Beverly Jackson

Shimmer, #3

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"Dog Thinks Ahead" by Clifford Royal Johns
"Drevka's Rain" by Marina T. Stern
"The Dealer's Hands" by Paul Abbamondi
"Melancholix" by Joseph Remy
"Litany" by John Mantooth
"Rubber Boots, Mr. President" by Bruce K. Derksen
"Paper Man" by Darby Harn
"A Warrior's Death" by Aliette de Bodard
"The Little Match Girl" by Angela Slatter

Shimmer, #2, Winter 2006

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“Action Team-Ups Number Thirty-Seven” by Ken Scholes
“Sell Your Soul to the Devil Blues” by Tom Pendergrass
“Route Nine” by Samantha Henderson
“The Goldsmith” by Ian Creasey
“Music in D Minor” by Erynn Miles
“Neighbor” by Jason A. D. MacDonald
“The Persian Box” by Gerald Costlow
“One-Leaf-Two” by Edo Mor
“The Black Back-Lands” by Jay Lake

Shimmer, Autumn 2005

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Image“Sour Hands” by Kuzhali Manickavel
“Nobody’s Fool” by Edward Cox
“White Burn” by Stephen M. Dare
“Valley of the Shadow” by Dario Ciriello
“An Interrupted Nap” by Richard S. Crawford
“Finders Keepers” by J. Albert Bell
“The Shoppers” by Michael Mathews
“And Death Will Seize the Doctor, Too” by Jeremiah Swanson
“A Convocation of Clowns” by Mel Cameron