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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
Farthing is a new digest-sized, quarterly magazine for fans of science fiction, fantasy and horror.

Website: www.farthingmagazine.com

Editor: Wendy Bradley

Farthing, Issue 5, January 2007

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"Divining Rod and the Countess" by Christopher East
"Transition" by Steve Vance
"Passing the Test" by Anna Feruglio Dal Dan
"Maggie Doll" by A. H. Jennings
"Loose Drawers" by Charlie Allery
"Seeing Is" by Craig Wolf
"The Secret of the Squick" by David Taub
"After the Reformation: Interviews with the Grammarians (Selected Extracts)" by Helen Keeble

Farthing, Issue 4, September 2006

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"Dead Languages" by Merrie Haskell
"Brains" by Matthew S. Rotundo
"God's Madmen" by Robert Devereaux
"Touchdown" by Tim Baer
"Auf Widdershins" by Marsheila Rockwell
"Help Desk" by Phoebe Wray
"Sara and the Telecats" by Lucy A. Snyder
"Willy and Topsy" by William I. Lengeman III

Farthing, Issue 3, May 2006

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"Family Time" by Harper Scott
"Hobo" by Clifford Royal Johns
"Common Time" by Bruce Golden
"What About the Plastic Race?" by Greg Beatty
"Labor Day" by Amanda M. Hayes
"Change of Life" by K. Tempest Bradford
"Problem, Child" by Lisa Batya Feld

Farthing, Issue 2, Spring 2006

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Image"The Old Man and the Sneakers" by Ruth Nestvold
"The Slug Planet Messiah" by Joe Murphy
"Panacea" by Steve Vance
"Back Again" by Paul E. Martens
"The Eyes Have It" by Laura J. Underwood
"Reassurance" by Michael Cregan
"The Ties That Bind" by Jackie Kessler
"Bell, Book, and—?" by Barbara Davies
"Armadillo" by Rob D. Rowntree
"Cod Philosophy" by Stephanie Campisi