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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
Amazing Journeys

Amazing Journeys, issue #12

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"To Give by Taking" by Monte Davis
"Orestes Sleeps" by Gary Madden
"Diplopia" by Sandy Waldron
"Angels" by Bill Abbott
"Alienable Rights" by Gary Ponzo
"Essex" by Donnie Clemons
"Breakdown" by Terofil Alexander Gizelbach
"Such Dreams" by Robert Orme
"Selchie" by Amber Morris

Amazing Journeys, Issue 11

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"A Glimpse of Eternity" by Jonathan Ruland
"Dyson's Planet" by Gary Madden
"Being Infinite" by Paul Bristow
"Return to Eden" by Mike Wever
"Next in Line" by Justin Absher
"Why Take a Chance" by Joseph DeRepentigny
"Special Delivery" by Terofil Alexander Gizelback
"Missing in Action" by Bruce Durham

Amazing Journeys, Volume 2, Issue 10

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Image“Cribs” by Stephen Couch
“Noncompliance” by Dan Manning
“The Lucky Son” by Laura Hawbaker
“Trieste” by Brian C. Petroziello
“The Burning Sadness of Crash-Landed Sleepers” by Alexander Zelenyj
“Discovery on Rios” by Cheryl McCreary
“Electric Man” by Benjamin Boulden
“The Altar of Tigat-piesser” by Steve Cartwright

Amazing Journeys, Volume 2, Issue 9

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“Song of the Universe” by Terofil Alexander Gizelbach
“Gram’s Gift” by Steve Goble
“The Darwin Affair” by Brian C. Petroziello
“The Call of Mother Earth” by Jonathan Ruland
“Two Ravens” by Michael Turner
“Wind Songs” by Paul Turnberg
“Death Marks” by Sean T.M. Stiennon
“In Those Days” by Edward Knight
“The Price of Gold” by Robert Mancebo
“Ascension” by Nathan Meyer