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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
The pages of Analog have been home to many of science fiction's foremost writers and stories. Isaac Asimov, Robert A. Heinlein, Poul Anderson, Spider Robinson, Lois McMaster Bujold, and Michael F. Flynn are just a few of the prominent names which have often appeared here, and we have a long tradition of discovering and cultivating new talent.
In 2017 Analog switched from a monthly publication to 6 bi-monthly issues. Reviews beginning with the Jan/Feb 2017 issue can now be found at the Print/Bi-monthly section on our front page.

Editor: Trevor Quachri
Circulation Manager: Sandy Marlowe 
Publisher: Peter Kanter  
Associate Publisher: Christine Begley

Analog -- December 2013

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Analog, December 2013

The Chorus Line” by Daniel Hatch
Ian, George, and George” by Paul Levinson
The Deer Girl Hitches a Ride” by Sarah Frost
Fear Response” by Lesley L. Smith
Oedipus at the Sperm Bank” by Joel Richards

Analog -- November 2013

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Analog, November 2013

“The Matthews Conundrum” by Edward M. Lerner
“Make Hub, Not War” by Christopher L. Bennett
“Redskins of the Badlands” by Paul Di Filippo
“Bugs” by Ron Collins
“Deceleration” by Bud Sparhawk
“Distant” by Michael Monson
“The Eagle Project” by Jack McDevitt
“Copper Charley” by Joseph Weber

Analog -- October 2013

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Analog, October 2013

Lune Bleue” by Janet Catherine Johnston
Sixteen Million Leagues from Versailles” by Allen M. Steele
Following Jules” by Ron Collins
Putting Down Roots” by Stephen R. Wilk
Things We Have in This House for No Reason” by Marissa Lingen
At the Peephole Palace” by William R. Eakin
Conscientious Objectors” by Jay Werkheiser
Fear of Heights in the Tower of Babel” by Carl Frederick

Analog -- September 2013

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Analog, September 2013

“Murder on the Aldrin Express” by Martin L. Shoemaker
“The Whale God” by Alec Nevala-Lee
“Full Fathom Five” by Joe Pitkin
“The Oracle” by Lavie Tidhar
“Life of the Author Plus Seventy” by Kenneth Schneyer
“Creatures from a Blue Lagoon” by Liz J. Andersen

Analog -- July/August 2013

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Analog, July/August 2013

"Cronus and the Ships" by Seth Dickenson
"Thaw" by Arlan Andrews, Sr.
"The Negative Impact of Climate Change on the Unusual Beasts of the World" by  Jamie Todd Rubin
"Not With a Bang" by Rosemary Claire Smith
"Other People's Avatars" by Howard V. Hendrix
"Ready, Set" by Mary Lou Klecha
"Milk Run" by Alec Austin & Marissa Lingen
"Tethered" by Haris A. Durrani
"The Chaplain's Legacy" by Brad R. Torgersen
"A Quiet Little Town in Northern Minnesota" by K. C. Ball
"Love" by Rick Norwood
"Crep d'Etoile" by Bud Sparhawk


Analog -- June 2013

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Analog, June 2013

“A Cup of Dirt” by Mark Niemann-Ross
“In the Green” by K.S. Patterson
“Wavefronts of History and Memory” by David D. Levine
“Hydroponics 101” by Maggie Clark
“Out in the Dark” by Linda Nagata

Analog -- May 2013

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Analog, May 2013

“Enjoy the Fishing” by Walter F. Cuirle
“Geospermia” by Patty Jansen
“Not Close Enough” by Martin L. Shoemaker
“Prometheus” by H.G. Stratmann
“Sentinel Chickens” by David W. Goldman

Analog -- April 2013

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Analog, April 2013

“The Lost Bloodhound Sonata” by Carl Frederick
“Altruism, Inc.” by Kyle Kirkland
“The Skeptic” by Jennifer R. Povey
“The Last Clone” by Brad Aiken
“Launch Window” by Sarah Frost

Analog -- March 2013

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Analog, March 2013

“Instinctive Response” by Bond Elam

“The Radioactive Etiquette Book” by Marissa Lingen
“The Firewall and the Door” by Sean McMullen
“It’s the End of the World as We Know it, and We Feel Fine” by Harry Turtledove
“The Paragon of Animals” by Andrew Barton
“High Concept” by Barry Malzberg and Bill Pronzini
“The Snack” by Bud Sparhawk

Analog -- Jan./Feb. 2013

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Analog, Jan-Feb, 2013

“The Woman Who Cried Corpse” by Rajnar Vajra
“Time Out” by Edward M. Lerner
“The Exchange Officers” by Brad R. Torgersen
“Descartes’s Stepchildren” by Robert Scherrer
“Buddha Nature” by Amy Thomson
“True to Form” by Kyle Kirkland
“In the Moment” by Jerry Oltion
“The War of the Worlds, Book One, Chapter 18: The Sergeant-Major” by John G. Hemry
“Neighborhood Watch” by H.G. Stratmann

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