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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
Print / Bi-Monthly

Tangent currently reviews the following print bi-monthly publications.

  • 3SF   ( 3 Articles )
  • Analog SF   ( 19 Articles )
    In 2017 Analog switched from a monthly publication to 6 bi-monthly issues. Reviews beginning with the Jan/Feb 2017 issue can now be found at the Print/Bi-monthly section on our front page.

    Editor: Trevor Quachri

  • Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine   ( 24 Articles )
    Each issue of this popular science fiction & fantasy magazine contains over 40,000 words of fiction, articles, interviews, reviews and editorial. Published every 2 months, Andromeda Spaceways has an enviable reputation for regularity.

    Editor-in-Chief/Captain: Robbie Matthews
  • Asimov's SF   ( 19 Articles )
    In 2017 Asimov's switched from a monthly schedule to 6 bi-monthly issues. Beginning with the Jan/Feb 2017 issue, reviews can be found at the Print/Bi-monthly section on the front page.

    Editor: Sheila Williams

  • Black Static   ( 30 Articles )
    Black Static -- Transmissions From Beyond is published by TTA Press and edited by Andy Cox. It can be found on the web at www.ttapress.com.
  • Blood, Blade & Thruster   ( 2 Articles )
    Blood, Blade & Thruster: The Magazine of Speculative Fiction and Satire

    "Do you have a sense of humor? If I mention The Spanish Inquisition, is the first thing which comes into your mind a Monty Python skit? If I say the number "42" do you think Douglas Adams before anything? Splendid, then we can do business.

    "Mostly, we have stories. We love stories. Funny stories, strange stories, dark stories, and stories about true things (what those true things are is really up to you, isn't it?) we like to read.

    "We're somewhere on the map between Realms of Fantasy and The Onion, and we're pretty comfortable here. We hope you are too, and we hope you aren't creeped out by us suddenly speaking in the plural. Be assured that it is the Imperial 'we' and you have nothing to worry about."

    Editor-In-Chief: Earl B. Morris
    Editors: Lucien Spelman and Kennedy Smith

    Subscriptions: www.bbtmagazine.com/subscriptions.htm
  • Cemetery Dance   ( 2 Articles )
  • Fantasy & Science Fiction   ( 66 Articles )

    Beginning with the April/May, 2009 issue, Fantasy & Science Fiction has become a bi-monthly magazine.

    Publisher: Gordon Van Gelder

    Editor (as of 2015): C. C. Finlay

    Website: https://www.sfsite.com/fsf/index.html

    Subscriptions: https://www.sfsite.com/fsf/buy-sub.htm

  • Hub   ( 2 Articles )
    Hub: It's all about the story.  Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror in every issue.  Also news, reviews, features and interviews with your favorite writers and stars.

    Website: www.hub-mag.co.uk
    Subscriptions: www.hub-mag.co.uk/purchase.html

    Editor: Lee Harris
    Nonfiction Editor: Alasdair Stuart
  • Interzone   ( 60 Articles )
    Founded in 1982, Interzone has maintained its position as one of the world’s leading professional Science Fiction and Fantasy magazines, nominated for a Hugo many years running and winning in 1995.

    Editor: Andy Cox

  • Realms of Fantasy   ( 41 Articles )
    Realms of Fantasy, the largest magazine in the world devoted to fantasy, is a bimonthly magazine featuring the best in fantastic short fiction.

    On October 18, 2010, publisher Warren Lapine announced that RoF was closing shop. Its final issue (December 2010) was available as a pdf only to subscribers.

    November 8, 2010--

    Back from the grave dept.: It has been announced that RoF has been purchased and will continue publication with its February 2011 issue.

    Website: http://www.rofmag.com/