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Tales of Tomorrow - "The Other Now" by Murray Leinster

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Tales of Tomorrow aired Murray Leinster's "The Other Now" on January 22, 1953 as the show's fourth episode. The show was short-lived, beginning on January 1, 1953 and seeing its final show a few months later on April 9, 1953. Leinster (1896-1975) would see "The Other Now" published in the March 1951 issue of Galaxy. It concerns a couple involved in a horrendous car crash with the woman killed while the man survives. But then things get strange when reality seems to warp, and timelines split into different versions of the crash. Who dies in one timeline lives in the other...but when the woman begins talking to the man she loves in what appears to be the voice of a ghost, the plot thickens and the mystery deepens. Whose reality is "real" is but one of the questions Leinster poses. His answer becomes the resolution to this well-acted SF mystery, which would appear to presage some of Philip K. Dick's future work. A young Dick York does a bang up job in the lead role, familiar to most as Darren in the 1960s sitcom Bewitched opposite Elizabeth Montgomery as Darren's wife (and witch) Samantha.

Play Time: 29:57