Exploring Tomorrow -- "Space Baby" by Randall Garrett

Saturday, 22 March 2014 14:24 Dave Truesdale

Exploring Tomorrow aired "Space Baby" on June 18, 1958. Written by Randall Garrett (1927-1987), it first appeared in the October 1954 issue of IF, Worlds of Science Fiction under the title "Spatial Delivery."

Exploring Tomorrow enjoyed a relatively short run of around 40 episodes (1957-58), and a number of them are considered "lost," while others have survived in relatively poor condition. One of the attractions of the program was the fact that John W. Campbell, Jr., iconic editor of Astounding/Analog introduced and commented on each story. He does so again with "Space Baby," wherein a pregnant woman aboard an orbiting space station is injured following the station being hit by a meteorite, forcing her into premature labor. The only hope of saving the child is for it to come to term in an incubator; but no provision has been made for such an event and the captain and members of the crew (with help from the mother-to-be) must find a solution if the child is to live. A quintessential "problem in space" story, this one obviously focuses on the human element and the powers of the human intellect when confronted with a desperate situation.

Play Time: 20:05

{For youngsters not exactly thrilled after listening to this episode dealing with a woman about to give birth in space, they knew they could turn to their favorite SF magazines for adventures much more to their ever-maturing tastes, a few examples of which are showcased below.}

[Left: Venture SF, July 1958 --- Center: Galaxy SF, June 1958 --- Right: Satellite SF, June 1958]