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The Green Hornet -- When Money Talks

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It's Christmas, and the Green Hornet must uncover who is behind the exploitation of the poorest families in the slum district of the city. Britt Reid, secretly the Green Hornet, is publisher of the Daily Sentinel. Each year during the Christmas season the paper rallies to aid some of those down on their luck. But when some on the list appear to be doing very well for no apparent reason at the same time as a string of robberies is occurring, it's time for the Green Hornet to investigate. Are the poor so desperate they turn to crime, and willingly admit their guilt when apprehended by the police and are sent to prison? The Green Hornet smells a rat and sets out with his faithful valet Kato to find the truth behind the sudden affluence of the poor.

The Green Hornet's long radio run lasted 16 years, from January of 1936 through December of 1952. "When Money Talks" aired on December 20, 1945 and chimes in as the 734th episode.

Play Time: 25:02