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Inner Sanctum -- The Creeping Wall

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For our second-only trip to the vaunted archives of Inner Sanctum (1941-1952) we present "The Creeping Wall," starring Irene Wicker in the lead role of a woman who is convinced the walls of her room are literally closing in around her, drawing closer and closer, until she feels utter terror at her entrapment. Her husband and doctor feel differently, of course, and offer a change of venue. Just where, and what horrors present themselves to her in her new surroundings force new fears and demons for her to confront. And just as you might think you've got this one figured out, it takes a macabre turn and gives the nervous listener a whole new picture of what is really taking place.

As usual, "the host" (Paul McGrath, photo upper right) and the female spokesperson (Mary Bennett) for Lipton Tea, the show's sponsor, trade atrocious puns between scenes, and it's always amusing to see how Bennett works in her plugs for Lipton Tea.

Inner Sanctum was not only popular with its nationwide audience, but with famous (or soon to be famous) actors such as Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Mason Adams, Agnes Moorehead, Richard Widmark, Wendell Corey, Mary Astor (from The Maltese Falcon and other films), and others who lent their time and talent to episodes of Inner Sanctum.

Inner Sanctum aired "The Creeping Wall" on January 8, 1946.

Play Time: 28:40