Prime Difference by Alan E. Nourse

Sunday, 01 May 2011 12:57 Dave Truesdale

After last week's dark tale of desperation and murder we thought we'd lighten the mood with Alan E. Nourse's "Prime Difference." First published in the June 1957  issue of Galaxy, X Minus One aired it on January 2, 1958. It tells of a badgering wife forcing her beleaguered husband to fire one secretary and hire another. When the wife finds out about the new bombshell secretary things begin to get interesting and our troubled husband reluctantly dials a certain phone number in hopes of alleviating himself from the ire of his contrarian wife. But as we all know, schemes very seldom go as planned, and the twist Nourse makes to this story makes for a "Prime Difference" indeed.

Play Time 19:46