Mysterious Traveler--Dark Destiny

Saturday, 23 April 2011 21:22 Dave Truesdale

Today's headlines are filled with concerns over the cost of health care, the falling real estate market (if you are a seller), the difficulty in paying off a mortgage, and the reluctance of lending institutions to finance a loan of any sort. Even the so-called well off are playing it close to the vest as the government raises their taxes ever higher, leaving them with less and less disposable income. All of these factors come into play in this Mysterious Traveler drama from April 13, 1947, fittingly titled "Dark Destiny." Written, produced, and directed by the team of Robert Arthur and David Kogan (who were responsible for virtually every episode of this long-running show), it takes issues that were just as timely 64 years ago and weaves them into a tight morality play with disastrous--and ironic consequences, as one devoted husband takes desperate action in order to save his wife from a life of bedridden invalidism. But at what cost?

Play Time: 29:26