Colony -- Philip K. Dick

Saturday, 04 September 2010 12:00 Dave Truesdale

Our previous Philip K. Dick OTR episode from July 24th, "The Defenders," has proved so popular that we have chosen to run the only other Dick story adapted by X Minus One, "Colony," which appeared originally in the June 1953 issue of Galaxy. For a brief synopsis of some of the highlights of Dick's work, visit the previous episode here.

"Colony" tells the story of an advance research team scouting the planet Blue in the Aldebaran star system to assess what may be required to render this newly discovered planet habitable. Strange occurrences soon plague members of the scout team, as they are attacked by inanimate objects with the unmistakable intent to kill. It is soon discovered that some force, or entities unknown, have the power to mimic any conceivable object, rendering even seemingly benign items such as a belt, a bath towel, or even a weapon such as a blaster, instruments of murder.

Brace yourselves now as you discover, along with this unfortunate crew of advance planetary explorers, what lies behind the mystery of an evil they cannot see or destroy, and the utterly chilling conclusion to their attempt to found a new "Colony."

X Minus One aired "Colony" on October 10, 1956.

Play Time: 28:45