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Suspense -- The Green Lorelei

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"The Green Lorelei" was written especially for Suspense by George Bamber (1932--    ). Bamber would pen roughly a dozen stories for Suspense (1942-1962) from 1958 to 1961, almost all in the SF genre. His only SF novel, The Sea is Boiling Hot, was published by Ace in 1971. It told of an Earth in the far future where mankind had despoiled the air and oceans and lived a life of hedonism and debauchery inside comfortable domed cities.

"The Green Lorelei" tells the story of a pulp magazine writer--you know the type--who pounds out adventures for mystery and horror magazines for a few cents a word, who now finds himself broke, is about to be evicted from his apartment, and hasn't an idea in his head as he stares at the blank piece of paper in his typewriter. Sound familiar? Sitting in his apartment bemoaning his fate and drinking a beer, he hears something most unusual in the apartment above him. What he hears will change his life and fortunes forever. But for good or ill is the question. A strange set of bizarre events even for a pulp magazine writer who dreams up fantastical tales for a living, listen now to the haunting tale of "The Green Lorelei." It aired on Suspense on November 6, 1960 and clocked in as episode 878 of the long-running radio show's 945 episodes.

Play Time: 24:51