And the Moon Be Still as Bright -- Ray Bradbury

Sunday, 06 June 2010 10:52 Dave Truesdale

Ray Bradbury's "--And the Moon Be Still as Bright" first appeared in Thrilling Wonder Stories for June 1948 and is one of the more famous of the stories comprising his landmark 1950 collection The Martian Chronicles. It is the story dated June 2001 in the book, as Bradbury traces the lives of those colonizing Mars from January 1999 through October 2026. "--And the Moon Be Still as Bright" was the audition show for X Minus One, widely regarded as radio's premier SF show. It aired on April 22, 1955 and launched X Minus One on its three year run of providing some of the very best in SF radio dramatizations. When the creative minds behind X Minus One were deciding on which of their already produced shows to air first, they knew they had to put their best foot forward and begin their series with a winner. It's no wonder then that they chose a Ray Bradbury story, and they would return to Bradbury's stories time and again so popular were they with the listening audience. Here now is Ray Bradbury's classic tale of how human nature might not change all that much, regardless of which planet Mankind finds itself on, as we glimpse one night during the Fourth Expedition to Mars.

Play Time: 23:53