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Dark Fantasy -- Rendezvous With Satan

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Relatively little is known about Dark Fantasy except that it was a short-lived radio show that ran from 1941-42 out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma radio station WKY on Friday nights, and that the well-received shows were written by Scott Bishop. "Rendezvous with Satan" aired on May 29, 1942, just shy of sixty-eight years ago.

Deal with the Devil stories have been done to death over the years, so it is understandably difficult to come up with a fresh twist to them. "Rendezvous with Satan" we think is one of these. It begins with an animated corpse at a funeral (frightening one lady half to death) and quickly shifts from there to Hell, where an...unusual bargain is struck. Along the way we are given a story of jealousy, murder, and...well, you'll soon hear in a story involving three people whose lives are changed forever by a "Rendezvous with Satan."

Realizing--purely as coincidence, mind you--that this episode is presented on April 18, 2010, three days following the death of our hard earned cash as we dutifully lay it to rest in the closed coffin known as Government, we only wish that it could arise from its Federal grave on the third day, much as does the corpse in this Deal with the Devil tale. Speaking of dealing with the devil...well, no, never mind.

Play Time: 29:14